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Why Partner with FPG

As a focused MRO solution provider, FPG has a strong relationship with the end users. FPG don't only sell products, the company provides solutions to the end user to solve their problem. FPG has a strong belief in building a long-term relationship with its client and understanding their needs so that the company is able to provide them with the right problem that they need to resolve their issue. With this mindset, FPG spends its effort focusing on a niche group of customers that requires MRO solution that would then become a recurring client of FPG rather than providing a one-time only service to them. 

The Values FPG Create for Partners
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Market Development

The strong presence of the company is able to provide business partners with market development opportunities that would allow them to penetrate and expand their market share. 

Training \
 Roadshow \ Exhibition

Regular trainings, roadshows, workshops and exhibitions are being held to potential market to support our partners' brand and products.  

Regular Visits to Client Site

A team of outdoor sales personnel will do regular visits to client site to service client, strengthen business relationship, and have a first-hand understanding of the needs of the client to better provide them with solutions. 

Advertising & Promotion

Actively organising and executing advertising and promotional activity to create awareness for our partners' brand and obtain more market share. 

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Highly Competent Sales Team

A team of proactive and dedicated sales personnel to be at the front line ready to service client that go beyond the extra mile.

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Strong Local Presence

The company has served more than 450 recurring client and across over 20 industries. 

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